Is CJ (Commission Junction) Reliable ?


We applied for a CJ – Commission Junction member long time ago, but until now, we have not been enjoy it, we even feel is some weird. We really want to ask other CJ member: Do you really think is reliable ?

Why we ask above question is NOT ONLY because we never gotten reasonable commission (actually in passed years, we got 0.2x USD commission, the number is displayed in our account and never changed.), but also we really doubt their system might has serious technical problem, if it is not about technical issue, then it might be about their reliability.

We searched on the internet, there were some other people complaint CJ's reliability. But seems it happened couple of years ago. so we are really confused by what we have met: It is 2016 now and seems is a mature company, why we still met many serious problem ?

Why we doubted might have technical issue or reliability problem ?

We give 3 real issues which we met in this year. We actually had other issues in past years, but we only collect issues happened in this year.

Issue 1: We could NOT change user password.

We mentioned we were be a member long time ago, since we seldom used it, so our account was in inactive status, we requested re-activate it and we got a new user password in this year, However, we found we could not change the password, until we submitted a ticket to, a customer supporter replied us and mentioned seems we missed some information, but he/she did not give an exact information which mentioned what information we missed, and, actually we found we did not miss any important or basic information which their system requested. And after that, our account recovered and could changed password;

Issue 2: Part of advertiser's links could not show to us with just an empty list page, However, the total list count number displayed.

This issue only happened on some new joined advertisers in this year.

image We had to submit another support ticket, and their answer mentioned "This is a known issue" and they resolved the issue for me later; **Issue 3: The Deep Link Generator tool does NOT work well** Since we met the empty links list issue, we tried to use their Deep Link Generator tool to generator advertiser's web page link. However, The Deep Link Generator could not work correctly. We followed their guide to install a CJ Deep Link button on our bookmarks toolbar of web browser: image When we tried to generate a deep link, the link generated actually, however, the Encrypt URL function never gotten worked, what every we checked on or checked off the Encrypt URL, the generated link were always the same. image **Issue 4 (Might be, we just guess), Daily Impressions number never changed but keeps the same, also, our clicks are always 0.** image Maybe you want to say our 0 clicks might caused by our website's low traffic, OK, we can tell you we compared with its competitor (here we do not give the competitor exact name), if a 630 impressions daily, we should at least get around 50 clicks (almost 10% clicks), that means, 100 visitors viewed the webpage, there should be at least 1 person clicked the advertisement. The bigger problem is: How could the impressions number keep the same every day ? Don't you think it is funny ? Whatever the above Issue 4 is a real issue or fake issue, others 3 issues were real in this year, we can provide our service tickets if anybody want. And the issue 3 should being happening on most of CJ members. What we feel is some weird is because how many years CJ has been existed ? Isn't it a mature company ? Isn't it a famous commission company ? So what the real reason is ? Somebody mentioned has hide policies, should we believe it or not ? Anybody can figure out what we should do ?