How to Search for Items ONLY Ships from and Sold by Amazon ?


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Some people only purchase the items what are shipped from and sold by Amazon, because there are many sellers on Amazon, not all online sellers can guarantee they provide good customer services including return, exchange; even some sellers promise they have good service, but the buyers still think the returning process is not easy compared with a physical store, so, those buyers only trust Amazon, What they purchased from Amazon, they believe mostly will be good enough, and if even they have to return, but the seller is Amazon, it should be OK.

OK, Now let’s learn how to search for those items which only sold by and shipped from Amazon:

The best and seems every time work for me based on current and is the following one way:

1: First you have to select a item category. For example on the, the top of home page, click dropdown list at the left of search box, select any category such as Electronics:

image 2: Then input the keyword which you want to search, such as “ssd”, you will get a long list: (Note: you must do the step 1 otherwise you will get another search result page then we can not do the step 3) image 3: On the left panel, scroll down the page until you see Seller section, check on, if you can not see, click See more to find it and check on it image Now you will get a “SSD” list which shipped from and sold by or (if you are using For example, here is a SSD item which from Crucial BX200 240GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT240BX200SSD1

There are other methods but sometimes I found they could not work always, here I give an example:

After you select category which I mentioned above on step 1, input “ collection” or “ collection” for the searching keyword, you might get a list which only shipped from and sold by Amazon.