How to apply for Amazon Affiliate Program


You might have already known Amazon, but let me introduce something for newbie: Amazon is an electronic commerce company in US, but it still provides branch websites in different countries. Amazon is also well known by its another famous service: the biggest cloud computing service provider in the world.

Amazon provide their own affiliate service. They do not call Affiliate Program but call Amazon Associates. The most popular Amazon affiliate program is referrals by advertising their products. Currently on Canada Amazon, we can earn up to 8.5% commission; on USA Amazon, we can earn up to 10% commission.

So now let us start to register their Associates. Actually if you have already an Amazon account, you can login using your existing account directly. Here let us ignore the register process.

We use the Amazon Canada website as example, because most of Amazon sites have the similar application steps:

1: Click here to directly go to login page, Or from home page, scroll down the page to the bottom, you will find the Amazon Associates under the Make Money with Us option, click the link:


2: Here is the login page or sign up page, just use your Amazon account:


3: This is the home page of amazon associates account, normally, for a new register, you will have to click the Get Started Now button on the left panel to apply the affiliate service:


4: You will be accessed to several introduction and tutorial pages to let you know how Amazon Affiliate work and what you should do such as generating product link, creating a banner etc. you just click Continue button to the next page, finally you will see the following step to be ready to Join Amazon Associates, click the button “Join now for FREE!”:


5: Since you had already have an Amazon account, you will see your name, your address information here, if you think they are OK, then click “Next: Your website profile” button:


6: Now you need to fill some information about your website, such as your personal blog website:


7: Now you will have to do your Identity Verification using phone number. You have to input your current phone number, Amazon is going to call you right after you provide right phone number, the webpage will show you a PIN number (normally 4 digitals) which let you press on the phone during the phone calling, if you press the right PIN number, your Identity will get verified successfully;


8: The following is the applying confirm information, here you get your unique Associates ID, also you see the information “If your affiliate links have not referred a sale after 180 days, your application and access to Associates Central will be withdrawn” (At least this is the request from Amazon USA website)

Also, you can input your payment and tax information so that Amazon can send you money if you get any earns in the future. Since we will have to successfully referral their products to be sold successfully first, so you can ignore here, you can input payment information later: image

9: Finally you will be accessed to the account home page, now you can see your Amazon Associates ID, also a Tracking ID. now you are ready to start get affiliate links, banners, widgets and other stuff.

image We will talk about how to get links, banners.. etc. later.