Great AdSense Alternative Ad Publisher Service InfoLinks


Most of bloggers know they can use Google AdSense to earn some money, which is called blog monetization, if the blogger wrote good quality blog articles, he might can use Google AdSense to support the cost for website’s hosting and domain annual fee, even better, some good bloggers can earn huge revenue, they could pay all other expenses such as cable internet, phones, office renting and more, including all his life supporting.

However, Google AdSense is not the only one blog monetization method, there are multiple AdSense-type service providers, but they provide really different services and use different ads technologies compared to Google. Here is a popular AdSense Alternative: InfoLinks. The biggest difference between InfoLinks and Google AdSense is InfoLinks uses text keywords from your blog to generate ads unit, popup an ad window, the ad unit is dynamic, not always stay on your webpages like AdSense.

image Actually, the popup ad window mentioned above is the one of InfoLinks ad product, they also provide other mode ads. Currently they are providing InText, InFold, InTag, InFrame and InScreen products, you can conveniently enable or disable each of them; When we used InfoLinks at first time, we were shocked by their website and functions design and implements, and we also were shocked by their perfect working on our website pages. We were impressed immediately by InfoLinks. at least by their functional technologies, we hope InfoLinks can bring us more money monetization .image We really like InfoLinks customize function, after we get the InfoLinks working on our webpages, we can adjust the links count on each page, link style and text color for InText ad unit, we also could set other models of InfoLinks ads: image Since we just began the InfoLinks, we can not show a report how much we earn by using InfoLinks currently but If you want to try by yourself, click here to sign up InfoLinks today. Enjoy !