Find out Free Certified Tax Report Software 2016 ?


Have you used a Free tax report software for helping you annual Canadian tax stuff ? If you still do not believe those free softwares work, we can tell you now: They were working perfect because we used one or two of them. We are not the software makers, we are their customers, but we never paid to them because those software are free, and the most important why we chose them was because they were certifed by Canadian Tax government oganization.

OK. now It is still too early to report 2015 tax, but will you want to prepare something? Why don’t research some free tax software before you start your tax report ?

But, If you trust a traditional software which you used to ues it and you paid every year. such as TurboTax, you can buy now from several retail stores, or you can purchase from Amazon online, the price is $29.96 with freeshipping, also it sold by Amazon itself, not 3rd party business. Check below image to buy one:

TurboTax Standard 2015 $29.96 + Free shipping

OR, there are multiple free but certified software, we introduced related information yearly, and we have used the free software since 3 years ago, we never gotten any problem. so if you trust free software, you can choose them. However, since the time is still on early stage for reporting tax this year, some great tax report softwares has not finished the certified process for 2015 yet, so we will have to wait until end of February or early of March. We will have another updated post in March for final Free Tax Report Software 2016.