Can I Put AdSense Ad and InfoLinks Ad On the Same Webpage ?


You know Google AdSense, right ? So let’s find some information about InfoLinks. The following content is from InfoLinks official site: “Infolinks is an online advertising platform offering ad solutions. Infolinks helps online bloggers and website publishers earn real revenue from their sites so that they can continue creating great new content. Infolinks goes beyond conventional advertising by providing non-disruptive solutions delivering relevant ads website context.”

So for the beginners the early questions are “Can I put AdSense and InfoLink together? Can I put them on my same webpage? ”

image Firstly, let us read Google AdSense policy from here: **About **_**Using other ad networks together with AdSense** -- We_ _have some guidelines as to how non-Google ads may be displayed along with Google ads. **We do allow affiliate or limited-text links**_. So we see the policy that Google allows other Limited-Text Links with AdSense ad units together, so does it mean the In Text ads from some providers are allowed with AdSense ads together ? image Google does not clearly explain what Limited-text Links are actually. so let’s check the In Text ad product which Infolinks is providing: _**InText** Infolinks’s product InText ad highlights keywords on a webpage and every time a visitor hovers over them, a related ad appears_. So is the InText ad is the limited-text links ? Actually we do not have official answer from Google, but we do have official answer from Infolinks: _**Infolinks InText Ads Complement Google AdSense for Contextual Ad Supremacy**_. Infolinks does not fight with AdSense ads and hurt AdSense ads when they are on same web page. Also, there are lots of professional blogger have been using AdSense and Infolinks together for years, such as Harsh Agrawal and The Thrifty Couple. If There have been problem with AdSense and Infolinks together, those blog pros should have gotten warnings and suspended ads service by Google, but they never had problem. So the answer is YES. We can put AdSense ads and InText ads (from Infolinks or other ad providers) on the same webpage.